Wood Dash

Written by Will Baum
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Wood dashes are now standard in most of the luxury sedans sold in America. The discerning and demanding rich want only the best materials around them at all times, lest they forget that they are wealthy. Rich or not, it's easy to get a wood dash for your car, regardless of what you drive. Dashes made of wood are inexpensive and easy to install.

Finding and Installing a Wood Dash

Here's the process: First, search the Internet for a top-notch dash seller. The best companies will send you samples for just a few dollars apiece so you have something to go by other than the picture on your computer monitor. Of course, this step may be unnecessary. If you know the look you're going for, then, by all means, dive right in.

Once you've selected your wood dash kit, be it cherrywood, walnut, or maple, your wait is just a FedEx delivery long. You can pass this time imagining how you will win friends and influence people with your new, high-powered car interior. By the time the daydreaming is over, your dash will have arrived. Time to start installing.

If it's winter and you're in a blustery state, first heat up your car. The adhesive works best in temperatures above 72° Fahrenheit. Check the components of your dash kit by holding them each where they go. This may seem like an extra step, but you're better safe than sorry. Make sure all knobs, dials, and doodads function like new under the new dash. Of course, the kit is custom made, and everything will work fine. With that confirmed, wood dashes are ready to get stuck.

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