Wood Dash Trim Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Wood dash trim kits can transform a car's interior from "blah" to "ahh." Factory dashes are notoriously dull. They have the same grays, the same beiges used, for economy's sake, over and over again. Wood dash trim kits can enliven and beautify this domain of the dull. Wood dash trim kits come in a wide variety of grains and colors. The Internet is a great place to track down the wood grain trim you think would best fit in your vehicle, regardless of make or model.

Two Schools of Wood Dash Trim Kits

Wood dash trim kits come from two major schools: real wood kits and synthetic kits. Today's technology makes it so, to many eyes, the difference is impossible to see. They look exactly the same.

Synthetic wood trim is made from plastic. You may not think of plastic being a proper material for a car. Think again. Look inside your car. There's plastic everywhere, from the cup holder to engine parts. It's hard to imagine a world without plastic. But it was just 1877 when the first major plastics company was formed. Plastic didn't come into widespread use until the 1930s, by which time everything from radios to chairs were made in Bakelite, a type of plastic invented by a Belgian man named Leo Beakland in 1907.

What took so long, you might ask? It was Beakland's Bakelite patent. Once the patent expired in 1927, manufacturers everywhere were free to use the product. Even early plastics were made to look like wood. In the 1930s, a synthetic wood radio sold for $10; real wood radios cost hundreds of dollars. Plastics have continued to make solid products at decent prices. The world has been transformed.

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