Wood Grain Dash

Written by Will Baum
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Wood grain dashes are manufactured to transform the interior of your car from unimpressive to luxurious. With little money and simple do-it-yourself installation, wood grain dashes can take an interior that looks like something found in any rent-a-car on the road and turn it into something like a top-of-the-line driving machine. You may be driving a Taurus, but at least the dash can look like the dash in a Rolls.

Wood Grain Dashes and Rolls-Royce

How Rolls-Royce became synonymous with luxury is a question you may not have an answer to. You know that Rolls-Royces cost a ridiculous amount of money, but how did they achieve their stellar reputation? The story goes something like this: Charles Rolls was born in London into a wealthy family. Born at the same time, F.H. Royce came from the other side of the tracks.

After graduating from school, Rolls became a driver. He set a land speed record of 93 miles per hour in 1903. The following year, Rolls met Royce, who had started a car company. By Christmas, the two men had joined forces, and the Rolls-Royce Company was born. After meeting the Wright Brothers in America, Rolls-Royce expanded its manufacturing to airplane engines.

Rolls later died in an airplane crash. He was the first from his country to die that new way. Royce continued on with the company, which grew in success in esteem as years went on. Today, Rolls-Royce produces not only luxury automobiles, but also airplane engines that are in extremely wide use. One doesn't have to drive a Rolls (or an airplane) to want their cockpit to look sharp. Wood grain dashes, which come in a wide variety of colors and styles, are an improvement worth exploring.

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