Wood Grain Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Wood grain dash kits can give your car's interior the regal feel of a stately room in an old men's club. As you sit in your newly appointed car, you may find yourself speaking in the imperious tones of John Houseman introducing "Masterpiece Theater"--your car just feels classier. Putting the vehicle into reverse and proceeding rearward out the driveway, one can't help notice in the gentle vibration of the engine a subtle indictment of suburban complacency. Then again, you may just be happy with the way it looks, put on the radio, and drive your drive in peace.

There are many different types of wood grain dash kits to choose from. Different woods--cherrywood, maple, walnut--with different stains are all available. Wood grain dash kits can be made of real wood and be synthetic. The options are as varied as if you were buying any other type of fine furniture.

Installing a Wood Grain Dash Kit

Dash kits aren't something you have to take to an expert to install. You already have the tools you need--your own hands. All you do is warm up your car to a glue-friendly 72° Fahrenheit, clean your dash thoroughly, removing any trace of dirt, dust, grime, or cleanser residue, and you're ready to go.

The secret weapon when installing wood grain dash kits is a hair dryer. If you find a component being the least bit stubborn, turn on the hot air. Soon, you'll find that the piece yields to your touch. It can be gently kneaded to the shape of the dash. Since kits are custom built to fit different makes and models year-to-year, in all likelihood a hair dryer won't be necessary.

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