Wood Grain Dash Kits

Written by Seth Cotterell
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As adhesive has become cheaper, so has the cost of putting an authentic wooden dash into your car's interior. Wood grain dash kits are a popular and inexpensive way to turn people's heads. Luxurious and impressing, wood dash kits are easy to install and uninstall. Here is a quick overview of how.

How to Uninstall a Dash Kit

Many people do not get dash kits because they worry that having one will ruin the look if they ever choose to go back to the original interior. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most car dash kits vastly increase the value and the look of the vehicle, making it unlikely one will want to change back. In the event that this happens, however, all one needs is a heat gun or hair dryer and few hours of time.

To uninstall a car dash kit, you must heat up each of the components, one at a time--if the piece is large, then only concentrate on individual sections. When the area is warm, pull on the dash part with either your fingers or plastic tools, avoiding using metal. Heat the area underneath as you do so, until the piece is removed.

The area that has had a dash kit over it may be cleaned with an absorbent cloth with an adhesive remover such as acetone (nail polish remover) . After each section has been cleaned with an adhesive remover, use a vinyl-based interior protectant to bring back the luster of the original interior components. With this complete, the car is now ready to resale, drive, or install yet another car dash kit.

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