Woodview Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Woodview dash kits are some of the best dash kits manufactured. A Woodview dash can help bring your car back to factory original state or give that same car a personal touch with a dash that fits your style. Woodview dash kits are available through their retail partners on the Internet.

Woodview Dash Kit Lines

Woodview Products Inc. has three distinct lines of dash kits. The Heritage line includes genuine wood dash kits. Wood dash kits come in a wide variety of woods and stains. A wood dash gives a car's interior a feeling of luxury. Many luxury cars today come with fine wood dashes as standard equipment.

Woodview's second line is called Dash-Tek. The Dash-Tek line includes modern-looking dashes inspired by the world of performance racing. Dash-Tek makes dashes from carbon fiber, Kevlar, and other specialty materials. These are the dashes favored by the Vin Diesel "Fast and the Furious" set, kids who call themselves "tuners," who take cars like the Honda Civic and soup them up almost beyond recognition. Carbon fiber dashes come in a wide assortment of colors including modern looking metals.

The third line from Woodview takes the company's name. Woodview Dash Kits specializes in 3D molded dashes. These dashes are built to fit factory dashes with amazing precision. Dashes are manufactured for a dizzying number of makes and models. Woodview has been making dash kits since 1993.

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