Written by Dallas Smith
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For quality remanufactured engines, you need not look much farther than ATK Engines. The company has been in the business of producing exceptional engines, engine components, transmissions, and turbos for over 60 years--a true mark of their ability to maintain viability in an extremely competitive industry. The company has recently improved manufacturing techniques in order to make for way for increased capacity and lower prices that get translated straight to the customer.

ATK Remanufactured Engines: Models of Excellent Craftsmanship

When you consider that ATK is capable of providing remanufactured engines for just about every recent make and model car, you might wonder if the company is taking a risk through such diversity. However, when you consider that all of the company's manufacturing facilities have achieved QS 9000 and ISO 9001 certification, you realize that the company allows for no drop-off in excellence despite the extensive reach of their operations. The company reaffirms their constant commitment to high-performance via their extensive customer service operations, as a way to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction with ATK products.

Simply by taking a look at the company's remanufactured engine procedures, you can see the unmistakable stamp of their dedication to the highest ideals of craftsmanship. For example, engine blocks and cylinder heads are magnafluxed and precision surfaced, camshaft bearings are line-bored for center-to-center clearance, crankshafts are stress-relieved, precision ground and micro-polished, and camshafts are precision ground or replaced altogether. When these processes are complete, each engine is tested for compression, oil leaks, oil pressure, engine noise and general operating condition before they are shipped.

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