Remanufactured Diesel Engines

Written by Dallas Smith
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When you're considering a purchase of remanufactured diesel engines, you know that settling for anything less than a premium remanufactured engine is not an option. When you know that you'll be making a considerable financial commitment on your purchase, only purchasing a top-quality product is a safeguard against future breakdowns and maintenance. The challenge, then, is determining exactly what qualities identify a solid remanufactured engine.

Remanufactured Diesel Engines: Separating the Good from the Great

To identify the qualities that determine great remanufactured diesel engines, it's important to start at the top. QS-9000 certification, dyno test cells, fuel system testing technologies--if an engine doesn't pass muster when put through the rigors of these evaluation processes, it's probably not an engine you want in your vehicle. If you want another great indicator of the type of engine you're working with, consider the warranty--if it's competitive, extended-year, and features extensive mileage allowance, you can move forward with confidence.

Next Step? The Provider

Once you've determined the integrity of your remanufactured engine you can move on to determining the credentials that determine a credible provider. First of all, do they have a wide selection of engine models available, and do they offer short-block, long-block and drop-in options? Secondly, how long have they been in the business? After all, it's apparent that longevity goes a long way in determining the credibility of a business, so the more years a provider has spent producing remanufactured engines, the better.

If the provider of your prospective diesel engine replacement has a history of manufacturing expertise behind them, and can offer you an engine that has withstood an intensive evaluation process, more likely than not you're going to have a high-quality engine on your hands. Quite simply, it's a great time to make a move on the engine that, for all intents and purposes, deserves to be the new engine for your vehicle.

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