Remanufactured Engines

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you're in the hunt for a good rebuilt engine, what you might also want to consider is finding quality remanufactured engines. While installing a rebuilt engine into your vehicle can significantly extend the life of your vehicle, you're still working with an engine that has only been reconditioned through cleaning and replacing only the most damaged parts. Such an engine will still be comprised of many parts that, though still functional, have still seen substantial wear and tear.

With remanufactured engines, on the other hand, you're working with an engine core that has been disassembled and then built back up according to original equipment specifications. What you have, in this case, is an engine that is second only to one coming straight off the assembly line. Not a bad standard of quality, particularly if you throw in the fact that many warranties for remanufactured engines can sometimes even be better than the warranty for your new vehicle.

What's on the Inside?

When you take a look inside a quality remanufactured engine, you'll find an engine that has been revitalized from the ground up. New pistons, timing components, rings, valve guides, freeze plugs, gasket sets, lifters, oil pumps--these will all be installed in a remanufactured engine. Crankshafts are reground, rods are checked, valve seats are three-angle cut, blocks are shot-blast cleaned--these are just a few of the improvements made to the engine.

As you can see, with a remanufactured engine you get the real deal. You're going to get an engine that will totally renew your vehicle's performance, not to mention adding zeros to your vehicle's overall value. Take the time to find a high-quality remanufactured engine, and you'll be cruising along down the road for thousands of miles ahead.

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