325 Bmw Superchargers

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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325 BMW Superchargers are a great way to get the most power out of your Bimmer. Car enthusiasts know that the BMW 3-Series is the sports sedan by which all others are judged. It isn't the most powerful mid-sized sedan on the market but it has sweet handling that puts many pure sports cars to shame.

Many 3-Series buyers made the practical choice when they bought their 325 sedan instead of indulging in the vicious M3 coupe. The sedan is a great performer in its own right, but its capable chassis calls out for more power. If you want to you're your 325 to higher performance capabilities, consider a bolt-on supercharger kit.

The Right 325 BMW Superchargers

Several companies make supercharging kits for the E36 and E46 BMW 3-Series. The most reliable names I know are Active Autowerkes, Powerdyne, and Vortech performance parts. Supercharging the six-cylinder engine in the BMW 325 is a relatively easy upgrade for an experienced technician to complete.

325 BMW superchargers will include the supercharger unit itself and all necessary fasteners and accessories including an intercooler, oil cooler, tubing, bypass valve, and a new air filter. Supercharger units usually include 6 high flow fuel injectors to take advantage of all the fresh oxygen the blower will pump into the combustion chambers. When your car is ready to become the ultimate 3-Series, look to 325 BMW superchargers for the power you need.

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