Air Intake Systems

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Air intake systems such as air dams and intercoolers can be excellent performance enhancements to your BMW. Under intense driving conditions, heavy breathing engines are gasping for fresh air. Cold air intake systems deliver an enhanced flow of clean cold air for your high performance engine.

You will experience the difference offered by cold air intake systems even when you're not going all-out. Truth is, your engine always needs to take in air for efficient combustion. Hot or humid climates can reduce a car's ability to get all the cold air it needs to create power.

Cold air intake systems typically include a high-flow air filter, a high-flow intake and intake runner, and all the necessary mounting hardware. Look for filters with double-insulated walls that will insure that the air is cold and clean even in hot and humid conditions. Your engine will thank you for all the fresh air it will receive.

Cold Air Intake Systems for E36

The 1990s were a great time for the BMW 3-Series because of the introduction of the excellent E36 model. The E36 is famous for its excellent performance qualities and with modifications it can become a true track weapon. Check out online auto parts places for the best air intake systems for BMWs.

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