Bmw Clutch

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Okay, so let's say the unlikely event happens that you need a new BMW clutch. I say it's unlikely because these cars are so well made that it's rare you need to replace major auto parts like that. But hey, you're likely to have your BMW for a very long time since it's so solid, so sooner or later you'll need BMW replacement parts.

BMW Clutch vs. BMW Automatic Transmission

You can make an argument for either the stick shift with a BMW clutch, or for the automatic transmission. I like the feeling of control you get driving a stick shift. And if it means that sooner or later my clutch will wear out and I'll need to go someplace for auto parts, I'm fine with that. Truth be told, after enough miles, you'll need auto parts for an automatic transmission too.

I don't begrudge the pro-automatic transmission people their opinions. I have several friends who swear by their automatic BMWs. I think people like me just prefer the control we feel in a BMW with certain auto parts, like the clutch, that make us feel that connection between the car and the road.

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