Bmw E46 Superchargers

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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BMW E46 superchargers give your recent 3-Series a huge performance boost. If you have a BMW 325, 328, or 330 coupe or sedan and want to attain M3 levels of power, look into supercharger kits for your car. You won't look back after you've experienced new levels of acceleration and speed from your engine.

You probably already know that "E46" refers to the current model of BMW 3-Series. This car has been praised throughout the world as the ultimate sports sedan, with perfectly-tuned handling, the famous BMW in-line six-cylinder engine, and excellent manual and automatic transmissions. The M3 version of the 3-Series Coupe has a much more powerful engine, even more capable handling, and numerous other improvements.

Superchargers are an excellent way to increase the power and performance of your engine because they don't take time to build up boost pressure like turbochargers. Superchargers are known as "blowers" because they increase the amount of cool air the engine receives for combustion, making more power available at very low revolutions. BMW E46 superchargers are available to turn your excellent car into a true performance machine.

A Range of BMW E46 Superchargers

Look for BMW E46 Superchargers for every model of E46 3-Series. You can raise your sedan or coupe to M3 performance echelons or you can take your M3 to the stratosphere with the addition of a supercharger. Look for kits by Active Autowerkes, Powerdyne, and Vortech on your favorite BMW performance parts website.

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