Bmw Lighting

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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BMW lighting has long been distinguished by four round headlamps staring hard at anyone approaching the car. These lights seem to say "I know what's up!" somehow representing the perfectionist approach BMW takes in designing and engineering each of their production cars. No other car cuts through the night with the same awesome headlight profile as a BMW.

On recent models, BMW has used xenon-discharge headlamps that give off a white glow closer to natural light for enhanced brightness and night visibility. Beginning with the updated 2001 5-Series, these xenon lights were encircled by great looking LED rings, giving BMW lighting an even more distinctive look. Now owners of earlier-model BMWs can upgrade to the new look easily.

How To Find BMW Lighting

You'll be impressed at all the BMW lighting options that are available online. I'm a big fan of the Lava Lighting Angel Eyes for E36 BMW 3-Series models. Don't be turned off by the Angel Eyes name, because these babies look fantastic. They give off a bright white ring of light and are absolutely maintenance-free for their entire long lifespans.

Before the new style of BMW lighting came out, I would have never thought to replace the lights on my car. Now I can't imagine sticking with the old halogen units. Also check out the killer LED taillights available for E46 3-Series coupes.

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