Bmw Performance Software

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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BMW performance software is almost too good to be true. You'll experience significant increases in power without ever having to turn a bolt or change major engine parts. Your BMW will be just as reliable as ever, with an added boost of power when you need it.

Auto enthusiasts revere the BMW in-line six-cylinder engine for its wide powerband and smooth delivery. Other car makers look to the BMW engine as the benchmark for their attempts. The good news for BMW owners is that the in-line six has even more power waiting to be released by upgraded BMW performance software.

I use my car everyday and therefore can't spend days or weeks installing major new engine parts. However, I could always use a little more power at the stoplight or for passing situations on the freeway. A simple upgrade in BMW performance software is the answer, because it's easy but yields impressive performance gains.

Where to Find BMW Performance Software

You'll have no difficulty finding excellent software packages for your BMW model on performance parts websites. Check your model year and engine type and then search for the right software. You'll thank yourself the next time you peel away from a stoplight.

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Very nice indeed!Yes bmw is a dieferfnt class, but the 2jz can achieve sililar and more ppower than the m5 motor with half the complications, and more reliability. The german motors can't beat the jap motors on simple efective disighn.I'm a bmw fan big time, but after concidering to turbo my m52 motor the 2j just is a FAR better option.Great job to e-shift!