Bmw Short Shift Kits

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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BMW short shift kits take your performance Bimmer to the next level of shifting satisfaction. BMW sedans and coupes are all available with manual transmission because every Bimmer is a serious driver's car. BMW owners appreciate the precision-engineered performance capabilities of their cars and many choose to order their cars with a stick shift so they can be in total control.

Short shifters are a great performance enhancing accessory for anyone who wants to get the most out of driving their BMW. Short shifters are precision engineered and tested to reduce the amount of "throw" needed to make each shift. With reductions in shift throw and smoother shifting operation, BMW short shift kits make every shift quicker and easier, especially in hard driving.

Where to Find BMW Short Shift Kits

Look for BMW short shift kits for your 3-Series sedan or coupe from UUC Motorwerks and Active Autowerke. These companies make some of the slickest machined metal components you can find. Installing a short shifter will greatly decrease the throw required to make each shift. Look for short shifters on BMW performance parts websites. You'll find BMW short shifters that match your model BMW and install quickly and easily.

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