Bmw Short Shifters

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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BMW short shifters are popular accessories for serious drivers. BMW prides itself on creating finely-crafted driving machines capable of incredible handling feats. Every BMW sedan and coupe is available with a manual transmission for buyers who want to select their own gears.

The BMW 3-Series cars perform best when equipped with a manual shifter. However, when you really want to get the quickest, smoothest shifts possible, upgrade to BMW short shifters. Short shifters are precision-engineered shifters that operate with a shorter throw for each gear change than standard shift mechanisms.

Which BMW Short Shifters To Choose

The best short shifters I have found are models from UUC Motorwerks and Active Autowerke. UUC Motorworks offers two short shifters for the E36 and E46 model BMW 3-Series. The Competition and Street EVO kits offer a unique height-adjustable shifter for up to 35 percent reduction in throw from stock specifications.

Active Autowerke offers an excellent E36 short shift kit in four levels. Level I includes the short shifter but no shift knob, level II adds the AA shift knob, Level III is for late model M3s with illuminated shifters, and Level IV includes all components including the short shifter, AA signature shift knob, and modified carrier assembly. BMW short shifters take your 3-Series to the next level of performance.

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