Bmw Software

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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BMW software is a simple and effective way to tap into the full potential of your Bimmer's engine. If you want that extra jolt of acceleration or passing power without putting your car out of commission for days or weeks with extensive engine enhancements, consider upgrading the software that governs your car's engine computer. BMW makes some of the best engines in the business, and they can truly come to life by simply installing new engine-management software.

The BMW in-line six-cylinder engine is famous throughout the automotive world for its smooth, effortless delivery of power throughout a wide powerband. Fact is, the BMW in-line six has more power available than the factory-installed engine management software will release. Both horsepower and torque will increase significantly with a good BMW software upgrade package.

BMW Software Advantages

The best BMW software packages offer dynometer charts that display the modifications in power delivery achieved by the chip. The best way to tell the difference in my opinion is to stomp on the accelerator. Your 3-Series Bimmer will feel altogether faster without loosening a single bolt.

Check performance parts sites on the Internet for software written specifically for your BMW. BMW software is easy to install and should come with a warranty. Your engine will be just as reliable as ever, only with more power.

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