Bmw Supercharger Kits

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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BMW Supercharger kits offer enhanced power for your performance car while retaining the excellent everyday driveability. Bimmers are renowned for offering unparalleled performance and perfect handling dynamics. Their cars are so well-built, with flexible engines, rock-solid chassis, unshakable suspensions, and robust transmissions, that adding the extra power of a supercharger works perfectly on most models.

Superchargers have been used to increase power reliably for nearly a century. They force more cool air into the engine for greater combustion at all speeds. Superchargers, or "blowers" are particularly effective at creating plenty of extra low-end power for devastating acceleration.

The Advantages of BMW Supercharger Kits

BMW designs all of their engines to produce great power over a wide powerband without turbochargers or superchargers. This means that BMW owners can get even greater performance from their engines by installing BMW supercharger kits to their engines. The BMW inline six-cylinder powerplant is known as one of the best engines ever and it only gets better when you add a "blower."

When you start the search for BMW supercharger kits, look for top-quality kits from AA Tuning (Active Autowerke), Powerdyne, and Vortech. These kits offer everything you will need to turn your competent Bimmer into a road-burning, easy-breathing, supercharged monster. Finally, superchargers don't detract from the driveability of your BMW so there is no downside to BMW supercharger kits.

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