Bmw Superchargers

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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BMW Superchargers are some of the best ways to add more power to your driving machine. Superchargers, or blowers, produce their power at much lower revolutions per minute than turbochargers. This makes for great acceleration and instant passing power, without the infamous "lag" associated with turbochargers.

Supercharging is a system of forced induction, meaning that the "blower" is a mechanism that forces much more air into the engine, creating more powerful and frequent ignitions at every speed. BMW designs their engines to offer amazing performance without the addition of turbo or superchargers, so adding these enhancements can create truly mind-blowing power. BMW superchargers are available in many configurations for various models.

BMW Superchargers Power 3-Series

The BMW 3-Series has represented the ideal sports sedan throughout its lifespan. The E 36 model 3-Series was made from 1995 to 1999 and introduced many individuals to the unmatched driving experience of this small sedan. The M3 edition of the E36 3-Series coupe was the best handling car of its day, offering supercar performance for a fraction of the price. BMW superchargers breathe new life into 3-Series sedans and coupes from any model year, adding a killer power boost.

The 3-Series was equipped with such a great chassis, suspension, engine, and transmission that it can easily handle the extra power of BMW Superchargers. Several companies make supercharger kits for BMWs that include intercoolers and all the necessary parts and equipment. Installing a supercharger is a straightforward operation for an experienced technician, so you'll get your extra kick of power with very little down time.

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