Bmw Z3 Superchargers

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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BMW Z3 superchargers turn your fun little convertible into a serious performance machine. The BMW Z3 came equipped with a 1.9 liter four-cylinder engine that offers responsive performance for most driving. However, the Z3 needs an extra injection of power to perform like a real sports car.

This is also the case with the smallest BMW, the 318. The 318 models have always come equipped with an in-line four-cylinder engine that doesn't offer the performance of BMW six-cylinder engines. BMW Z3 superchargers fit on four cylinder bimmer engines to give your small BMW the power to compete with bigger models.

BMW Z3 Superchargers are available in kits offered by BMW performance parts websites. Most blower kits are made for the in-line six-cylinder BMW engines, but now there are a couple of excellent kits for the Z3 four-cylinder. Look for supercharger kits by Downing Atlanta that are engineered precisely for the four-cylinder engine in your BMW.

The Power of BMW Z3 Superchargers

If your Z3 convertible is feeling a bit anemic, you should consider the simple addition of a supercharger. BMW Z3 supercharger kits may increase power to well over 200 horsepower. You will experience greatly enhanced acceleration to the tune of seven-second range 0-60 mph hauls.

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