Porsche 912 Parts

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Porsche 912 parts are available for connoisseurs of the original entry-level Porsche model. The 912 was basically identical to the 911 except its engine had four cylinders rather than six. However, the resultant decrease in power was accompanied by a decrease in weight, so Porsche 912s were quick and nimble vehicles.

Porsche 912 parts are in demand because the 912 eased the transition between the 356 and the 911 from 1965 through 1969. The 912 was ideal for customers who wanted a new six-cylinder 911 but couldn't quite afford one. It had identical aerodynamics, ergonomics, style, and quality of construction as the 911. 356 aficionados could appreciate the 912's proven 356-based flat four-cylinder motor delivering 64 SAE horsepower/ liter from its location behind the rear axle. With the flat-four, an early 912 weighs about 250 pounds less than a standard 911 of the same year.

Driving Fun with Porsche 912 Parts

In 1965 the 912 outsold the 911 almost two to one, with 6,401 912s delivered versus 3,390 of the faster 911s. In 1966, Porsche produced 9,090 912s versus 3,730 of the 911s. A racing 912 won the European Rally Championship in 1967 by combining nimble handling with high reliability. Porsche 912 parts are popular today because the cars are still reliable and fun to drive.

Gradually Porsche shifted production from the more fuel-efficient 912 to the higher-horsepower six-cylinder 911. When 912 production ended, Porsche had built 34,959 of the 912 model, creating the great wealth of used Porsche 912 parts available through Porsche specialists. Check on the Internet for the Porsche 912 parts you're looking for.

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