Porsche 924 Parts

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Porsche 924 parts are distinct from those of every preceding Porsche model. The 924 was Porsche's first production model to have a liquid-cooled engine and also the first Porsche to have its engine situated in front of the cabin. All these firsts on what was the "entry-level" Porsche.

The Porsche 924 was originally developed in partnership with Audi, which explains the anemic four-cylinder engine taken from the Audi 100 that made its way into the Porsche. For this reason, the first Porsche 924s possessed excellent handling characteristics but were a little slow. Fortunately, there are many available Porsche 924 parts to remedy this problem.

Porsche 924 Parts Enhance a Classic
Later on in its lifespan, the 924 range expanded with a turbo model, which made better use of its capable chassis. The unique arrangement of the longitudinally-mounted engine with the clutch in the front and the transmission at the rear transaxle made the car have excellent 52:48 weight distribution. The "torque tube" linking the engine with the rear transaxle made the car capable of more powerful engines.

Porsche 924 parts are often enhancements to the cars' power plants due to the fact that they didn't offer enough output in stock configuration. Look for power-boosting exhaust systems and turbo kits for your 924. You can now find all these parts online at Porsche-specific parts sites.

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