Porsche 993 Parts

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Porsche 993 parts are made specifically for what some consider the finest air-cooled Porsche 911 ever made. The 993 arrived in 1995 with a smoother front end (while retaining the classic round headlights) and numerous changes and refinements to the classic rear-engine 911 formula.

The Porsche 993 continued with the development of Porsche's excellent "Carrera 4" four wheel-drive system and the designation of "Carrera 2" for rear wheel-drive models. Other models such as a fantastic new Targa design, C4S, RS, CS, Turbo, and GT2 soon followed. An ultimate racing version called the GT1 was created for Le Mans-style events. Porsche 993 parts took center stage with all these excellent iterations.

To create the lightweight RS Club sport model, the company stripped Porsche 993 parts such as the back seat, electric windows, seat adjustment, headlight washers, and airbag from the vehicles. The weight savings of 100kg combined with a bigger 3.8 liter engine created a very potent track car. Many 993 Club sports still tear around the track today, while other owners have re-installed some of the amenities lacking in that model.

Finding Porsche 993 Parts

The Porsche 993 is revered as the last and finest air-cooled Porsche 911, ending a 33 year cycle of cars based on the classic Porsche design from 1963. Porsche 993 cars will be around for years to come, because their owners love to drive these excellent machines. Porsche 993 parts can be found with a simple search on a website devoted to Porsche parts.

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