Porsche Parts

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Porsche Parts are some of the most consistently sought-after automotive products on the market. Porsche is proud of its reputation as the longest-running independent sports car manufacturer. Uncompromising engineering and design excellence has always been the hallmark of Porsche designs.

A Brief History of Porsche

Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was one of the most brilliant automotive engineers of the twentieth century. Porsche had no formal training in engineering but exhibited excellent mechanical aptitude. He attained his only formal education by sneaking into night classes at the Vienna Technical University. Dr. Porsche began engineering cars in the early 1900s and soon with landed his first job in the field with Jacob Lohner. They created the Lohner-Porsche, which was originally electric-powered.

Porsche soon turned his attention to internal combustion engines and eventually rose to the position of Technical Director of the estimable Daimler firm. He led the development of the powerful Daimler-Benz SSK and SSKL supercharged touring cars. Some 24 years after he sneaked into night classes, the Vienna Technical University granted Ferdinand Porsche an honorary doctorate, a title he used for the rest of his life.

Ferdinand Porsche's son, "Ferry" Porsche was always interested in cars as he grew up and even played in the Austro-Daimler factory as a boy. He was a math whiz and gained an excellent early education in engineering. Ferry designed the original Porsche sports car prototype in 1946. Porsche parts were in many cases derived from the Volkswagen designed by his father in earlier years.

Porsche Parts Through the Years

The first Porsche sports cars were the 356 models of the 1950s, which quickly gained an excellent reputation among European and American car enthusiasts. These lightweight, nimble cars could punch well above their weight and beat far more powerful cars. They quickly gained popularity in racing and for their distinctively beautiful flowing lines. Their excellent Porsche parts set the stage for further innovations.

Over the years since the 356, Porsche has made one world-beating sports car after another, including some of the all-time great racing machines. The 911, produced from the mid-1960s until the late 1990s, is possibly the world's most-recognized car due to its distinctive rear-engine design and round headlights. A vast range of Porsche parts are available for the 911 because they are still highly desirable cars for racing, collecting, and as everyday use!

Porsche models such as the nimble, mid-engine 914, the front-engine 924, 928, 944, and 968, and the all new 996 model 911 have each contributed to the reputation of Porsche sports cars. Components for every model are available as new, used, and reconditioned Porsche parts. A vast range of accessories such as floor mats, alloy wheels, and shifter knobs are also available.

Porsches Are the Original Exclusive Pre-Owned Cars

Porsche enthusiasts have a saying that "the entry-level Porsche is a used Porsche." Exceptional standards of engineering and manufacturing quality mean that the market for used Porsches, with some models dating 50 years or more, is vigorous. Porsches are known to maintain resale values higher than those of any other major manufacturer. Porsche owners are usually passionate about maintaining their cars and therefore frequently seek out quality Porsche parts.

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