Porsche Transaxles

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Porsche transaxles are not one of the first things people usually mention when describing the virtues of Porsche sports cars, but they are a big reason why Porsches are such great cars. Porsche was a company founded on the exceptional engineering talents of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry Porsche.

Porsche transaxles came to be renowned for their exceptional strength and delivery of power from the engine to the wheels. Particularly well-regarded is the G50 transaxle from the 911 turbo models. G50 transaxles are regularly used by mechanics on project cars with souped-up engines that need a robust transaxle.

Porsche Transaxles Are Known for Excellence

Such superior quality and sensible over-achievement is typical of everything that goes into Porsche sports cars. When Porsche set out to develop the 924, their first front-engine car, they incorporated a unique transaxle design that placed the transmission at the rear axle, giving the car an ideal 52:48 percent weight distribution. The "torque tube" carrying power from the engine to the rear axle-mounted transmission made for a very robust chassis and resulted in impeccable handling characteristics.

When it's time to replace a transaxle on your Porsche, you can rely upon your Porsche mechanic or if you work on your own car, look no further than your computer. Many Porsche parts operations offer new, remanufactured, rebuilt, or reconditioned Porsche transaxles on their websites. Many companies have a policy that you give them your old part in exchange for a better price on the new or reconditioned part, but others simply send you your part.

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