Zimmerman Cross-drilled Rotors

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Zimmerman cross-drilled rotors are manufactured in Germany to exceptional standards of quality. BMW performance cars are famed for the quality of their brakes, but many owners want to go even further with their cars. Zimmerman rotors are made for exceptional stopping power on BMWs.

Serious drivers and car enthusiasts know that braking is just as important as accelerating in getting around the track or down a windy road. Cross-drilled rotors allow heat to escape more quickly than conventional rotors, resisting fading and uneven wear. A car with great rotors will stay effective on the track or on the street much longer than a car with conventional brakes.

Other cross-drilled brake rotors are often not heat-treated after drilling, leaving sharp edges that decrease brake pad life. Zimmerman cross-drilled rotors feature holes with edges that increase pad life and prevent cracking of the rotors. The holes also provide a visual wear inspection for the life of the rotor.

Zimmerman Cross-Drilled Rotors Online

I have found Zimmerman rotors for various BMW models at performance parts places online. You just need to know the model and year of your car and you can choose rotors that will send your vehicle to an impressively short stop. Zimmerman cross-drilled rotors are the best in the business, perfect for BMW cars.

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