Hummer Limousines

Written by Amy Hall
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Hummer limousines, also known as "Hummerzines", are the hippest new SUV-style limo being rented out by people of all ages. The super stretch Hummer limos can seat up to 20 people quite comfortably, but some people enjoy them so much that they rent them for only a few people. Many limousine companies nationwide are setting the trend with their spectacular SUV limousines, with the Hummer blazing the trail.

A few of the fantastic features included in Hummer limousines include: wide-screen televisions, surround sound stereos, DVD players, and a stocked bar. Passengers have complete privacy from the driver, yet can communicate with him or her at any time. Hummer limos are rented out by celebrities, executives, students attending the prom, wedding couples, and bachelor party crowds.

The Appeal of Hummer Limousines

Undeniably, the Hummer SUV makes a bold statement: get out of the way! But a Hummer limo softens that up just a tad, allowing many different segments of the population to enjoy it's rugged good looks. It is not uncommon to see famous celebrities showing up for red carpet events in a super stretch Hummer limo. Obviously this particular SUV limo makes a statement and turns more than a few heads.

You should be forewarned that to rent out a super stretch Hummer limo is going to cost you more than a regular stretch limo. But chances are, you will be willing to pay the extra dollars to spend a few hours with your closest friends out on the town in this spectacular vehicle. For more detailed information about Hummer rentals in the Houston area, please visit our recommended site by clicking on the link on this page.

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