Suv Limousine Rentals

Written by Amy Hall
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SUV limousine rentals are climbing fast, as more and more people are opting for a vehicle that is a little bit off the beaten path. It is no longer the norm to see teenagers in prom gowns climbing into the back of a white stretch limousine. In fact, SUV limousines and vintage cars have taken a front seat to these other classic limousines that have been the preferred vehicle of choice in the past.

Couples on their wedding day are now looking at vintage Rolls Royces, Bentleys, and Mercedes limousines to provide transportation on their big day. Teens are getting big groups of friends together to rent SUV limousines for occasions like prom night or graduation. And still, others are renting Hummer limousines or party buses for events such as bachelor/bachelorette parties or club-hopping sprees.

Sleek and Rugged SUV Limousine Rentals

You may wonder where this trend originated for SUV limousine rentals. Well, when you stop to look at the types of vehicles Americans are driving, you can plainly see that the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) has stolen the limelight in the last ten years or so. Families are just opting for the Lincoln Navigator, the Ford Expedition, or the Hummer for their family vehicles as opposed to mini vans or sedans.

Maybe people feel safer in a bigger SUV than they do in a sedan. Or maybe they find the size more appealing, as these vehicles can fit just about everything, from the kids to sporting equipment to groceries. . .you can even throw in the family dog, and still have room. Perhaps this preference for the SUV is just trickling over into America's choice towards a sleeker, highly innovative and stylish limousine.

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