Washington Dc Limousine Tours

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Our nation's capital, Washington DC, is full of fascinating, historic, and educational sites. The Mall, between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument, is home to the majority of the Smithsonian Institute Museums. See Dorothy's red shoes from The Wizard of Oz, the Hope Diamond, and the first ladies' inaugural gowns at the American History Museum.

Take a moment to wonder at the Apollo space capsule, Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis, or an early TWA airliner in the National Air and Space Museum. Or visit the newest museum on the mall, the Native American History Museum. A limousine tour can ease getting to and from these popular museums. There'll be no fighting for a parking space or walking blocks from the metro!

Washington Limousine Tours

Hire a limousine for an easy tour of Washington's sights. Cruise by the Washington and Jefferson monuments, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, Capitol, and Union Station. Stop where you want for as long as you want. Let someone else do the driving while you wonder at this beautiful city planned so long ago by our Founding Fathers. Georgetown's narrow, cobblestone streets are home to antique shops and traditional taverns and restaurants. Taking a limo tour here is a marvelous way to see the area. You can always stop to window shop or have lunch at an attractive cafe.

A limousine tour is also a nice way to sample the countryside around Washington. Drive south into Virginia along the Potomac and visit George Washington's estate, Mt. Vernon. An hour to the southeast of Washington is the heart of Virginia's horse country, with picturesque country barns, stone fences, and stables. Or you could take your limousine to Maryland to sample blue crabs and oysters along the Chesapeake Bay. Annapolis, along the coast, is lined with antique shops and interesting boutiques.

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