49cc Scooters

Written by Seth Cotterell
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There are several different types of motor scooters, ranging from 49cc scooters to 150cc scooters. 150cc scooters are sport scooters, and they often resemble motor cycles. They are larger, faster, and more rugged than 49cc scooters. They have greater horsepower and often incorporate a more sleek, sporty design.

The Benefits of 49cc Scooters

150cc scooters are nice, but as a scooter enthusiast I prefer 49cc scooters. There are several reasons why I think 49cc models are superior. First and foremost is style. 49cc models just look better. These are the classic motor scooters with European design influences. They look sophisticated and fun. They are much less angular or boxy than sport scooters and they have a certain classiness to them.

The second reason I like 49cc models better is utility. Just because they have less displacement doesn't mean they are wimpy motor scooters. Many 49cc models are rated for two riders and can carry load capacities of over 300 pounds. Unless you plan on racing your scooter, the two stroke engine of a 49cc model is all the power you'll ever need.

The third reason I prefer 49cc models is fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency is one of the main advantages of any kind of scooter, and 49cc models are no exception. Most have a fuel capacity of one and a half to a few gallons and they are so efficient that that will get you all over town without having to refill. They are much more environmentally friendly than automobiles and even than larger motorcycles.

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