Written by Seth Cotterell
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All terrain vehicles, or ATVs, have become hugely popular items in the outdoor recreation market. Adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers are making ATVs one of the most sold items in the motorcycle/motor scooter industry. As a means of personal transportation, few other vehicles offer anywhere near the amount of power and excitement you can experience riding an all terrain vehicle.

Fun and Exciting ATVs

ATVs are the roughest and toughest members of the motorbike family. The amount of power and versatility they have is awe inspiring. No matter where you want to go, an ATV can get you there. Whether it's cruising around the campsite or riding back into the back country, you'll need an ATV to get you there.

ATVs are designed with long and rough rides in mind. Most riders use them during back country excursions, hunting trips, fishing trips, or just long enjoyable rides in the woods or the desert. They incorporate suspension systems specifically engineered for comfort on rough trails and for long durations. Their seats are extra padded to reduce wear and tear on the rider's tail-bone.

All terrain vehicles are meant to be aggressive and powerful and that sometimes translates into dangerous. Riding an ATV doesn't have to put your personal safety in jeopardy however. Practicing riding on off road trails around your home before you set out on an extended outdoor ATV adventure can protect you from injury and help you enjoy many years of fun and exciting outdoor recreation.

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