Chopper Saddle Bags

Written by Charles Peacock
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When you're out for long a ride on your chopper, there are always certain things that you need to bring along with you. Maps, water, an extra pair of sunglasses--these are just a few of the things that you'll want to remember before you pull out of your driveway. But since you only have so much space in your jacket and pants pockets, where are you going to put everything?

The best solution for carrying small items on a motorcycle is to get a good set of saddle bags. The great thing about saddle bags is that they keep you from having to wear a heavy backpack while you're riding. They can also take the place of a large case or bag awkwardly tied down to the back of your bike.

Picking out Saddle Bags

There are many types of saddle bags on the market, each suited towards a different style of motorcycle and rider. If you're riding a Harley or a custom chopper, you'll probably want to go with a classic set of leather saddle bags. Hard cases are very useful and can hold a lot more stuff, but they don't really fit the chopper style.

Most leather saddle bags are large enough to hold about 600 cubic inches--big enough for a gallon of milk or a few books. Leather saddle bags usually come with two leather strap fasteners--which can be a bit hard to lock. Be sure if you have any valuables that you take them with you when you get off the bike.

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