Custom Mini Chopper Tanks

Written by Charles Peacock
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Pimping out your mini chopper isn't as hard as you might think. Since mini choppers hit the market a few years back, all sorts of engine and style accessories have popped up that allow you to really customize the look of your machine. If you're really serious about making your mini chopper look unique, you might want to think about a custom paint job for your tank.

Custom Painted Mini Chopper Tanks

Getting a custom paint job for your chopper tank is easy for a variety of reasons. First of all, a mini tank isn't nearly as large as a full-size chopper tank, so it's a lot cheaper to have painted. Secondly, since the bike isn't made to be as durable as a real motorcycle, you don't have to worry about spending thousands on a top-end paint job.

Another great thing about mini chopper tanks is that they're interchangeable. This means that (in most cases) you can actually just replace the tank you have with a newly painted tank. This saves you the cost (and the time) associated with removing your tank and waiting to have it stripped and painted.

Replacement tanks are available with tons of different paint jobs. You can get sold colors with pinstripes, tanks with flames, even tanks with an American flag painted on them. When you order your new tank, just be sure to check with the shop to make sure that it will fit your particular bike.

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