Custom Mini Choppers

Written by Charles Peacock
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If you're in the market for a custom mini chopper, you're probably looking for a truly unique gift for yourself or your child. Mini choppers are one of the coolest, hottest toys out there--and they're especially great for families that are already filled with motorcycle enthusiasts. When you go to buy a mini chopper, however, make sure you know what you're buying.

Mini Choppers: Custom vs. Pre-Fab

The mini chopper is a relatively recent addition to the mini motorcycle market, which in the past has centered mostly on racing-style motorcycles. These "pocket bikes" hit the market only a few years ago, and have become a worldwide phenomenon. Tons of new styles and engine sizes have come out in the meantime, leaving you with a whole range of models to choose from. Mini chopper enthusiasts generally love the full-sized models, too, whether crafted by Billy Lane and Choppers, Inc. or designed and fabricated by the Teutel family of Orange County Choppers. Although the pure design and craftsmanship of those choppers is beyond question, the price tag is also a bit beyond most of us. Mini choppers offer the rest of us a way to take the family out on a real, customized chopper without paying a hefty price tag or of spending months or years trying to find a vintage chopper designed by the much-missed Indian Larry.

The main thing to look for when buying a mini chopper is whether it's custom-made or factory built. The first mini bikes were all custom-made, or were at least designed by manufacturers that paid a lot of attention to quality. As the bikes became more popular, however, a lot off factories in China began producing them and selling them in the United States at much lower prices.

Pre-fabricated mini choppers can now be found that are less than half of the cost of a custom-made bike. But you get what you pay for: The factory-built models aren't nearly as stylish, as safe or as fast as custom-built models. If you want a great mini chopper that's going to last, it's worth it to go for a custom-made bike.

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