Custom Motorbikes

Written by Charles Peacock
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You may have been attracted to the idea of getting a custom motorcycle by one of the recent television shows centered around custom chopper shops. If so, you're not alone. The market for custom choppers has exploded in recent years, partly as a result of the continuing trend of baby boomers rediscovering motorcycles, and partly out of their desire to own something truly unique. Whether you saw the Great Biker Build Off episode that pitted Indian Larry against Billy Lane or not, to see a customized chopper is to realize just how much design, style, and all-around effort goes into its creation.

What Custom Motorbikes Offer

If you don't mind driving something that a lot of other people are driving, feel free to go to your local motorcycle dealership and pick a bike up from their showroom. If you want to be unique (as most car and motorcycle fans do), the best way to achieve that status is to have a custom bike built for you. Getting a custom motorcycle can be expensive--some celebrities have paid over $100,000 for a single bike--but it can definitely be worth it if you're dying to own a truly unique toy. Another fun option is the mini chopper, which combines a smaller size with the same level of customization that choppers are known for. The mini chopper is a great way to get the style of a pure American chopper without a sky-high price tag. You can still have the unique and customized product you're after--all you have to do is choose your vendor wisely. There are a lot of imported mini choppers for sale that imitate custom-built American choppers. Choose wisely.

The great thing about custom bikes is that you can literally design every little detail. You can pick out all the parts, from the wheels to the tires to the handlebars. You can choose the engine size, how it's tuned, and you can also pick out the ever-important exhaust system. Some shops even have the ability to custom-fabricate exhaust pipes in any shape you'd like.

The crowning detail of any custom chopper is the paint job, and on this you should spare no expense. Custom shops have the ability to do some amazing things with paint, and they combine undercoats with decals and a glossy clear coat to create some designs that look like they should be hanging on a museum wall. The only bad thing about spending so much on custom bike is being afraid to drive it!

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