Custom Motorcycle Insurance

Written by Cybele Phillips
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Anyone who owns a custom motorcycle can attest to the large amounts of love and attention they have devoted to their bike. Owning a motorcycle that is uniquely yours, whether you've customized a standard make or had a bike built from the ground up, is a truly satisfying feeling. In order to protect the investments of time and money that these machines represent, many owners turn to custom motorcycle insurance.

It is possible to spend thousands and thousands of dollars customizing a motorcycle. As these special additions render a bike more valuable and unique, they also make it a more significant investment and more attractive to thieves. Having your custom motorcycle damaged or stolen by thieves or damaged in an accident can mean a significant loss that typical insurance policies will not fully cover.

What Will Custom Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Most comprehensive or collision policies will only cover up to $1,000 worth of customized options on a motorcycle. Fortunately, most insurance agencies offer up to $30,000 of additional coverage that can be purchased with your basic policy. Custom motorcycle insurance covers enhancements not done by the original manufacturer, including electronic equipment, antennas, sidecars, trailers, safety apparel, and custom paint, plating and exhaust systems.

Before you purchase insurance for your customized bike, be sure that it will give you everything you need. Some policies do not cover theft, for example, while others will only cover equipment that is permanently installed to the motorcycle with bolts or brackets. It is important that you keep all receipts related to your customizations, as well as a photographic record of each addition, in order to expedite any claim you might have to make.

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