Dowco Motorcycle Covers

Written by Michael O'Brien
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No one wants his or her bike to be pummeled by the elements. Rain, sleet, snow, and bird business are not only inconvenient, but can do real damage over time. That's why you should protect your bike with a motorcycle cover you can count on. Dowco motorcycle covers are just what you are looking for.

Types of Dowco Motorcycle Covers

Dowco makes a wide variety of different motorcycle covers, ranging in price from $45 to $100. Some simply do the job and keep your bike protected from dust and other dirt when you are going to keep it in storage. Others are a little fancier.

The more expensive ($100 price range) line of Dowco motorcycle covers are made of extra durable, water-repellent material and include a venting system to prevent moisture from accumulating under the cover. Parts of the fabric are also heat shielded so that the bike can be covered while the pipes are still hot. The material going over the windshield is also made of a special, softer fabric, designed to prevent windshield scratches.

Where to Find the Best Motorcycle Covers

Today, due to the greater number of bike manufacturers and styles, people are finding it harder to get the parts and accessories they need at their local motorcycle shops. Local stores may have a few motorcycle covers, for example, but maybe you're in the market for a custom cover that will be better for your bike. Internet motorcycle catalogs are a great way to find the best selection and prices for all your motorcycle parts needs.

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