Drag Handle Bars

Written by Charles Peacock
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One of the great things about motorcycles is they're so easy to customize. Want a slightly larger seat to fit your partner-in-crime? No problem, you can order one and install it yourself within a day. Need a larger gas tank to keep you going on long road trips? Most bikes can be fit with large stock or custom-built tanks without any problems at all.

Gearing Your Bike for Dragging

If you're serious about racing your Harley or custom chopper--or at least want to look like you are--there are a few accoutrements that you'll need to get you into racing shape. First of all, it's important to make sure that your engine is tuned for speed and torque instead of sound. Too many exhaust systems sacrifice power for that ever-important exhaust rumble.

Another overlooked accessory for drag bikes is a good set of drag bars. Drag bars are basically a short set of handlebars that maximize your pullback. In other words, when the bike takes off off the line, you want your arms straight out in front of you in a comfortable position, so you can stabilize your weight as the bike moves forward.

This means that drag bars should be built so you're not reaching forward too much. A good set of drag bars will be about 30.5 inches wide, with a 14 to 15 inch pullback and a four-inch end rise. The top bar will be rotated and angled to optimize your hand and wrist placement.

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