Drag Pipes

Written by Charles Peacock
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Exhaust systems are a crucial part of any motorcycle--and this is particularly true with choppers. Choppers are known for two things: their heavily chromed, pared-down style, and their sound. A good exhaust system can improve both the look and the sound of your chopper. The question is which type of exhaust system to buy.

Getting Drag Pipes for Your Chopper

If you find yourself unsatisfied with your stock exhaust system, the good news is that it's very easy to upgrade. Tons of manufacturers and custom bike designers offer pipes that can make your bike go faster and sound nastier. A lot of people choose drag pipes, which are basically pipes that are designed (originally) for drag racing.

The main advantage to using drag pipes on your chopper is increased airflow. Increased airflow helps the exhaust get out of the engine in a hurry, which in turn gives you more power. Drag pipes are designed to provide more power at higher RPMs, although some people complain that they leave a flat spot in your acceleration (particularly at lower RPMs).

Another advantage of drag pipes is their sound. They tend to be substantially louder than stock pipes, partially because they don't use the same level of sound dampening (which allows them to improve flow). Kind in mind, however, that some drag pipes are so loud they aren't really suitable for regular street use. Their noise coupled with their reduced performance at low RPMs makes them far better suited for actual racing environments.

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