Dual Bikes

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Motor scooter riding doesn't have to be a solo hobby anymore. With dual bikes becoming more affordable and more common, you can enjoy the freedom and relaxation of motorcycle/motor scooter riding with the person you love. The two of you can take a scenic Sunday afternoon ride or just zip to the store to pick up some milk.

>"Dual Bikes" Means Different Things To Different People
When you think of dual bikes you probably picture the old style motorcycle with the attached side car. These are one type of dual bike and are extremely fun to ride. The side car bike attracts more looks from curious people than any other type of motor bike around.

A second kind of dual bike is really just a more accommodating standard model. Scooters with larger seats and more power are able to transport two passengers in comfort and safety. They need stronger engines in order to haul the extra weight around, but they do not sacrifice style for power. These bikes are often very stylish and many are influenced by classic European design.

A third possibility for persons interested in dual bikes are those bikes intended for dual use. That means they can be ridden on the street as well as on off road trails. The have suspension, tires, handling capabilities, and engines that make them equally at home on the streets of San Francisco or on the off road trails in the mountains. Whether you're looking for a bike built for two or one built for two terrains, you can find dual bikes at your local dealer or on the Internet.

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