Free Flow Exhausts

Written by Charles Peacock
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A good exhaust system is crucial to the performance of any car or motorcycle. If you're looking into upgrading the performance of your street or off-road bike, the exhaust system is a great place to start. Exhaust systems can be bought piece-by-piece, which allows you to slowly make upgrades without having to buy everything at once.

Free Flow Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems are basically designed to get the waste gases out of your engine. A lot of people thing that this has nothing to do with how well the engine performs, but in reality the engine cannot perform at its peak level without a good exhaust system. Exhausts do more than just usher the gases out--they're actually designed to draw the exhaust gas out of the engine as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The term "free flow exhaust" gets a lot of people excited. They think that it refers to a type of exhaust system where the gases just shoot right of the engine, unimpeded. According to this logic, however, the most free flow exhaust system would be no exhaust system at all--you'd just let the gases fall out of your engine.

In reality, this type of non-system wouldn't work at all--your engine would perform terribly. So when you hear the term "free flow exhaust," keep in mind that it's actually referring to a system that helps the gases get out more quickly. This can mean shorter pipes that are a bit louder than stock exhaust systems, but they will certainly help improve your engine's performance.

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