Full Throttle Choppers

Written by Charles Peacock
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If you're interested in getting yourself a full throttle custom mini chopper, you've picked the right time. A few years ago, walking into a custom shop and asking for a mini chopper would have turned a few heads--but not in a good way. Most people still haven't even heard of mini choppers, so if you get one now you're definitely going to be at the forefront of the trend.

Features of Mini Choppers

The obvious question when you first hear about mini choppers is, "What are these things like?" Are they really as cool-looking as full-size choppers? How fast do they go? Have big are they exactly? If you're a fan of choppers, you'll definitely like the answers to all of these questions.

Mini choppers look remarkably like the real thing. When you see pictures of them, in fact, it's difficult to tell that they're not full-size without some frame of reference. Everything, from the body styling to the chrome to the engine, is designed to look exactly like a real chopper. And that's saying nothing of the awesome custom paint jobs you can get for the tank and fenders.

Most custom mini choppers come with either 49cc or 97cc engines. These are real motorcycle engines, not lawn mower engines or engines outfitted from some other kind of small machine. They won't be quite as loud as a real chopper, but if you get yourself a mini chopper, you'll definitely be travelling in style.

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