Harley Davidson Motorcycle Covers

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There's nothing quite like riding your Harley along a scenic ocean-side road. You should, however, know that the seagulls don't care what a travesty it is to despoil your wonderful bike when you go to park for a bite to eat or to make a pit stop. That's why only the finest Harley Davidson motorcycle covers will do for you.

Selecting Harley Davidson Motorcycle Covers

Most Harley Davidson motorcycle covers range in price from $65 to around $100. Depending on what you are willing to pay, the cover's features will vary. A good motorcycle cover for your Harley should be equipped with a few basics.

First of all, a good cover will be water resistant so that moisture can easily be shaken off when it's removed. (Who wants to put away a soggy cover?) It should also have a soft, gentle inner lining fabric to avoid scratches on the paint or windshield. A venting system is also essential in order to avoid an accumulation of moisture under the cover. Lastly, the cover should have strong, durable elastic around its edges to keep it firmly in place.

Run for Cover

Finding the right cover for your Harley is easy when you do your shopping for motorcycle accessories online. Most Internet motorcycle parts suppliers will have a much larger inventory to choose from than your local motorcycle shop. It's also a lot easier to compare prices online since you have so many merchants to choose from.

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