Honda Motor Scooters

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Honda motor scooters have been around for a long time. They were first manufactured in Japan in the 1950s. After about a decade of production, Honda decided to cease making scooters due to slow sales. Close to fifteen years later, Honda motor scooters were again being built. The major success of Honda's scooter operation came when it started to export scooters around the world, where their popularity was just taking off.

Popular Honda Motor Scooters

Honda has always made high quality motor scooters. Recent years have seen an increase in their popularity due to several highly successful newer models. The Metropolitan and Metropolitan II motor scooters are some of the best looking scooters in the market. They are the perfect blend of vintage style with sleek modernism and they come in some of the most fun colors available including salsa, kiwi, and denim.

One of the other highly popular Honda scooters is the Elite 80. The Elite line has all the classic advantages scooters afford, such as ease of maneuverability and parking, and great gas mileage. The Elite has a less rounded design than the Metros do, with sharper angles and straighter lines.

All Honda motor scooters are manufactured with quality as their top priority. Honda has been doing this for many decades and their scooters are always getting better. Some of the best things about Hondas are their strong engines and roomy designs, so you don't have to cruise around town alone. Coming up as a competitor to Hondas are some of the domestically-produced scooters now offered here in the US. These are seen as more affordable alternatives that help bolster our American economy. Either way, scooter travel helps cut down on gasoline usage, which is a definite plus in today's political climate.

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