Lady's Motorcycles

Written by Charles Peacock
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In the classic (and highly chauvinistic) world of motorcycling, a woman's place was often considered to be on the back seat of her man's bike. While this myth has had many proponents, more and more women are now cruising the roads on their own motorcycles. Now it's their turn to turn heads--including those of their fellow motorcyclists.

What's New in Ladies' Motorcycles

Another common myth about women and motorcycles is that women simply can't handle large bikes. The real truth is that choosing a bike has nothing to do with your sex. It has only to do with your experience, and your size. If you're an inexperienced rider, it's a bad idea to get on a large bike--whether you're a man or a woman.

For people of smaller-than-average height and weight, large bikes can also create problems. You need to be strong enough and heavy enough to be able to support the weight of your bike when you are at a standstill. If you're five feet tall and weight 130 pounds, a 1,300cc Harley Dyna-Glide probably isn't the best fit. That said, there are plenty of bikes that will suit you perfectly--mini choppers might be a fun way to go.

The trick with motorcycling is starting off on a bike that's very small and easy to handle. With the recent advent of mini motorcycles, you might want to even buy one to practice on before you move up to a larger bike. This is a particularly good idea for kids and teenagers who want to learn to ride but aren't big enough to handle a full size bike.

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