Learners Motorcycle Insurance

Written by Cybele Phillips
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Learning to drive a motorcycle can be a challenging experience. Motorcycles are powerful machines which operate very differently from automobiles. Riders must be extremely cautious and alert in order to avoid accidents and to ride safely. Many insurance agencies offer learners motorcycle insurance as a way to protect you and your machine while you are learning to operate it safely and correctly.

More about Insurance for Learners

Although some states do not require motorcyclists to carry insurance, learner's insurance is available in every state. Learner's rates are usually quite high because they are considered a "risk" since they have little to no experience operating a motorcycle. Fortunately, these special rates will usually drop somewhat once you have successfully completed you licensing exam.

Immediately after obtaining a regular license, a rider's insurance rates still may be fairly high due to their level of inexperience. Taking a motorcycle safety course from the city's DMV is a great way to reduce insurance rates. Insurers also offer discounts for riders who can secure their motorcycle (i.e., with and alarm or in a garage) or who ride machines with anti-lock brakes.

If you are getting your motorcycle learner's permit, be sure to familiarize yourself with local laws governing how and when you may operate your vehicle. Many states require learners to be accompanied by an individual who is licensed to drive a motorcycle while they are learning, or may not allow learners to ride when it is dark, or to carry passengers. Once you have obtained your regular license, these restrictions will be lifted.

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