Lifan Street Bikes

Written by Charles Peacock
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Pocket bikes have been around for a few years, but until recently, they were so expensive that it wasn't possible for the average family (let alone the average kid) to afford one. In recent years, Chinese manufacturers have begun importing inexpensive pocket bikes that are of surprisingly good quality. These bikes can usually be purchased for only a few hundred dollars, and they're sure to provide loads of fun to the rider.

Lifan Mini Street Bikes

Lifan is a Chinese company that has long been a leader in the production of mechanical goods and gasoline engines. Lifan engines have been used in the United States since before pocket bikes even became popular, and were always respected for their quality. Lifan recently took their experience with engines and began building entire mini motorcycles.

Lifan offers many different types of pocket bikes, from sport racer bikes to cruisers to chopper-style bikes. Most of these bikes weigh around 200 pounds, and they feature single-cylinder, four stroke engines. These are extremely efficient gasoline engines that are both air and water cooled.

Lifan mini bikes feature both kick and electric starters. They are generally capable of reaching speeds over 50 miles per hour, and they get pretty good gas mileage. Lifan announced that they will be producing full-size motorcycles as well. Whether these bikes will be imported to the United States is not yet known.

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