Mini Chopper Gas Tanks

Written by Charles Peacock
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The centerpiece of any cool mini chopper is the gas tank. Of course, the frame and engine design are crucial elements that make your chopper what it is, but the gas tank is the most colorful and eye-catching aspect of the bike. Whether you're buying a new mini chopper or customizing an old one, getting a great design for your gas tank is crucial.

If you've bought (or are looking to buy) a pre-fabricated mini chopper that was built overseas, it's unlikely that you'll have much of a say as to what the tank looks like. In the best case scenario you'll have a range of colors to choose from, which will at least let you pick out a style that suits you best. If you're looking for something truly unique, however, it's likely that you'll find the stock tank a little lacking.

Customizing Your Mini Chopper Tank

There are two ways to go about getting a truly unique paint job on your mini chopper tank. The first way is to take the tank off your bike and send it to a custom paint shop. This route can be expensive, but it's also the best way to get a design that is totally unique. You can even work with the paint shop and help them with the design or theme.

A cheaper way to update the colors or design of your tank is to simply buy a replacement tank. Lots of dealers sell replacement tanks that will fit your bike (be sure to check with them about your specific model) and that are available in a range of different colors and styles. Replacement tanks are relatively inexpensive, so they're a great affordable way to change the look of your bike.

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