Mini Chopper Graphics

Written by Charles Peacock
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Sprucing up your mini chopper is easier that you might think. Just like regular-sized choppers, mini bikes can be customized with hundreds of aftermarket parts that are cheap and easy to find. Just because you bought a pre-fabricated mini chopper doesn't mean you can't make the thing look unique. Checking with local dealers and mini chopper websites will reveal a whole world of aftermarket parts and accessories.

Sprucing up the Look of Your Bike

The easiest way to change the look of your bike is to add some graphics to it. And this doesn't mean taking your bike into a custom paint shop, which can be expensive and time consuming. You can buy simply graphics kits that are designed specifically for mini choppers, and apply them to your bike yourself.

Don't be fooled into thinking that graphics kits are just stickers that will peel and fade. Stick-on graphics these days are made from high-quality vinyl that is highly resistant to fading and weathering. They will stretch to conform to the contours of your gas tank and fenders, and it can even protect the paint on your bike!

The most common type of graphics pack comes with a variety of different flames that are intended for your tank and fenders. You can usually choose between a few different colors to match the paint on your bike. It's also possible to find things like skull and crossbones graphics, or even iron cross graphics.

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